Below Zero Gratitude

When I got back from my afternoon run today, I snapped a shot of the weather. I had been thinking about the predicted high temp of 1 degree above zero, and how grateful I would be for that one degree. At least it wouldn’t be below zero.

Even small amounts of something can be so wonderful.


That one degree is something to appreciate. Well, I didn’t get the above-zero temp, so I had to find something else to appreciate–thankfully that’s not hard. Today, that was the sun. The sun light makes such a difference in so many ways. It deceives us about how cold it actually is–allows our eyes to relay a message to our brain that it’s not so bad. It lifts our spirits even in the deep of winter. The sun warms a space inside a window, and will even warm our bodies if we venture out in the frigid weather. Today, even if I can’t have a temperature above zero, the sun (among a host of other blessings) is enough to bring a huge amount of gratitude.

Of course, I’m grateful for a body that lets me get out and exert myself. I’m also grateful for a couple of great friends who are crazy enough to brave the cold with me. I’m grateful for clothing to keep me mostly warm and for a comfortable home and hot shower upon my return. And today, the sunshine is what brought me to a point where I could step out and experience the joy of each of those other things. Hoping for many sunny days ahead!

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