Professional Experience and Expertise

Project Management

  • Ongoing use of data to drive decision making and project implementation, including stakeholder engagement surveys, product analytics, qualitative feedback, and performance measures
  • Shifted district to flexible technology systems to improve learning including moving from PC desktops to MacBook laptops, upgrading aging phone system to full IP phone service with remote access, and outfitting classrooms and common spaces with wireless A/V technology
  • Planned and implemented network infrastructure update, including fiber relocation, ISP change, new construction, and updates to wireless network
  • Implemented help desk ticketing system and project management system to create efficiencies for all staff and streamline team work
  • Created balanced hybrid cohorts of students for full district to prepare for potential learning model shift (fit existing student schedules to capacity limits, maintained family units in same cohorts, balanced attendance in individual classes, grade levels, and each school building between cohorts)

Team Leadership and Development

  • Practice strengths-based leadership, drawing on individual strengths to build collective capacity
  • Relationship building among team and with each team member to build trust and motivation
  • Consistent learning and growth to best support and serve those I lead
  • Adaptive leadership to respond to our team’s needs, as well as needs of other departments across our district
  • Practice consensus building decision-making whenever possible
  • Provide opportunities for our team members to advance their skills and practice
  • Practice equity and inclusion in leading and supporting a culturally and racially diverse team

Collaborative Practice

  • Strong knowledge of Professional Learning Community principles and practices
  • Use assessment data to drive collaborative meetings among teachers and between departments
  • Experience with navigating conflict and building consensus among collaborative teams
  • Strong commitment to collaborative team work in support of district and building mission and vision
  • Facilitated professional development plan to support development of high achieving collaborative teams
  • Ongoing work with cross-functional teams to improve results for end users and “customers” (families, students, staff–depending on the scenario)
  • Focused on strengths-based leadership to create highly effective collaborative teams

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Hire and support culturally and racially diverse team
  • Ongoing learning to improve my understanding and practice
    • Institute for Courageous Leadership Participant
    • Professional Development with Equity Alliance of MN
    • Beyond Diversity Training
    • Personal reading on topics of race, justice, and history
  • Address issues of inequity in systems by measuring, assessing, and changing policies and procedures as needed to ensure DEI improvement

Instructional Coaching

  • Trained in cognitive coaching strategies
  • Ongoing practice of cognitive coaching in peer coaching sessions with faculty and administrators
  • Strong understanding of Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching
  • Created professional development goal template to focus teachers on improving teaching practices based on Danielson Framework
  • Provide regular non-evaluative feedback to colleagues and facilitate conversations directed at improving teaching practice
  • Work with teacher leaders and teams to develop trust and mutual support when conducting peer coaching
  • Observe and provide meaningful feedback to colleagues regarding instruction

Technology Integration

  • Multiple presentations on digital tools for teaching, use of 1:1 iPads, assessment practices for learning, differentiation with technology, pedagogy and classroom practices with technology
  • Participated in early adopter group for using iPads in the classroom
  • High level of competence and comfort with exploring new technologies and creative use of available technology for increased student achievement and access to data
  • Extensive work with multiple products and vendors in the ed tech field
  • Highly participatory in network of MN ed tech leaders for idea sharing and collaborative learning
  • Support district in multiple learning models in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Curriculum Mapping and Design

  • Multiple presentations on  experience with backward design to district and school staff
  • Lead teachers in unpacking standards, identifying essential questions, and setting learning targets
  • Model curriculum design (assessments and learning activities) based on program objectives and learner outcomes
  • Collaborate to ensure seamless vertical articulation between all course levels in the program
  • Collaborate to guarantee common assessments and learning across all sections of like courses
  • Ongoing work with teachers to create curriculum and assessment maps for units and courses

Assessment and Grading

  • Strong understanding of alignment of formative and summative assessments with identified learning objectives
  • Ability to design and implement standards-based grading and effective performance reporting processes
  • Demonstrated use of assessment data to customize student learning and improve instructional practices
  • Frequent experimenter and presenter on assessment and grading practices for school staff
  • Strong proponent of common assessments as a means to guarantee curriculum and assess instructional effectiveness
  • Model and teach data analysis to develop teachers and students as users of data
  • Implemented department grading policy based on best-practice research and focused on student success
  • Participated in and helped facilitate school-wide book study on effective grading practices
  • Worked with Facilitator of Instructional Support team to assist teachers in accessing and interpreting NWEA and MCA data