Learner. Doer. Mover. Shaker. Thinker. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Colleague. Teacher. Leader. Nature lover. Runner. Creative. Ideator.

The Simple Things

My goal these days is to think on the simple things that bring goodness to our lives and add goodness to the lives of others. In general, I’m very professionally motivated (achiever), and I’m also very aware of some of the things that matter most–family, friendships, simplicity, health, joy in the small things, good food, activity to work off the good food, time spent in nature, and the list goes on (so much for short and simple!)

I’m going to jot some thoughts that may or may not be read by many (or any!). They might just center me a bit more, and maybe they’ll happen to reach someone who will appreciate them or benefit from them. Cheers to where the road leads!

The Professional Side of My Thinking
When I decided to become a teacher, I was passionate. I wanted to be a positive influence on our youth and prepare them for the world beyond high school.

Throughout my career, my passion has been the same, but it has gotten deeper. I didn’t realize when I started out that teaching would have as big of an impact on me as it has. While I have taught many lessons, I have learned more than I’ve taught. I still place the most importance on classroom level success, but my growth has led me to a systems approach to improve and support our classrooms. My learning in leadership and technology infrastructure and systems implementation has opened my eyes to possibilities to improve our world both within and outside of our school systems.

I believe that all people are highly capable–we can learn and accomplish more than we might even imagine. In my personal and professional pursuits, I seek to support the collective good. I want to use my own skills and attributes to support continuous growth, developing myself and others, and tapping into potential. My approach combines building strong relationships and implementing tools and systems that maximize impact.

Each day is an opportunity for personal growth, building collective capacity, and attaining positive results. In any professional role that I fulfill, I see myself as a teacher, leader, and learner at all times.

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