Dig in

It’s pretty easy for me to have a positive outlook when I’m on winter break with my family. The kids have time to play, we can sleep in a bit, there’s endless flexibility in the day (this is my favorite!), we do a lot of cooking, there’s just a lot of goodness around.

It was almost disorienting to wake up with the alarm this morning, but we quickly got into our routine, and that’s good for us. We need some downtime, but we also need our routine and some daily challenge. We were off and running with smiles and still feeling good (if a bit tired) at the end of the day.

But I also realized that some of the desires I have for accomplishing good work during the day are easier said from home than done at work. Yet, today just as other days, I decided to dig in and move forward. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Today is one day to move forward, start a streak of small wins, work through a couple of things that have been put off, and even reap some reward of satisfaction in a job well done.

I’ll try this again tomorrow.

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