Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. As we look toward a new year, we may wonder what 2018 will bring. I’m not sure, and I’m not planning any sweeping resolutions. Today in church, I was challenged (by my dad!) to turn with the new year with the question, “Will I turn?” He was talking to our congregation about the ways in which we let the good news of Christ’s birth change us, the ways in which we invite the Messiah into our lives, along with us in everything we do. That’s an everyday challenge…one to take seriously.

But here we are on the day that people look ahead and decide what goals to set, what changes to make–big, small, noteworthy, simple, high-impact, only known to ourselves–whatever they may be.

I’m considering the month of January and envisioning a “Reset” button. Not goals for the year, but a simple reset, starting from zero. Strip life down to the simple essentials (plus a bit of simple pleasures!). I’m looking at a fresh start with more of the basics–cooking at home, maintaining some order and intention in our days, spending less, the simple activity of running. I’m looking at cutting the excess and reseting.  I’ll buy a new pair of shoes (and use discipline on skipping the technical wear, Air Pods, cool running tights, etc.) and step into January with a focus not on adding, but going back to the basics of life. The year of 2018 is upon us and will hopefully bring much joy in the living. We’ll see where it leads. I’m looking at January right now, just this month, and I’m pressing reset as I look at the fresh and open year ahead.

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