It Doesn’t Take Much

IMG_0490My daughter and I just decorated her door with streamers. She’s been asking to do this for several days. I’ve had the typical responses to helping her, “Sure…later,” “Not now; we’re too busy,” “Uh huh, but I have to do x, y, z first.” You know the story. There’s a lot going on. People are waiting on us. The family needs to be fed, the counter needs to get cleaned off (again!), and the laundry…don’t even go there!

So today after lunch, I said, “Yes! Let’s do this!” We looked through the supply of streamers, found all of the colors we had, then got started. She handed them up, I stood on the stool and taped them. My choice of decor? Definitely not. But then again, anything I would have chosen never would have brought as much joy and laughter in the process. It’s the simple things that matter. A short time spent together, no care for the Scotch tape on the door frame, allowing for perfect imperfections, and a lot of laughter on the way.

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